Stage 12181233826,8147200Inter-connecting door with Stage 2PDFCAD
Stage 21211213214,6413600Inter-connecting door with Stage 1 and 3PDFCAD
Stage 33211213238,8417200
1200 277/480
Inter-connecting door with Stage 2PDF CAD
Stage 4881153810,120400Inter-connecting door with Stage 1 and 5PDFCAD
Stage 59882258,036400Inter-connecting door with Stage 4PDFCAD
Stage 61411213317, 0612400
1200 277/480
Inter-connecting door with Stage 7 and 82 wall 100 Ft. X 100 Ft.PDFCAD
Stage 71411213317,0602400Inter-connecting door with Stage 6 and 8PDFCAD
Stage 8360802328,800400Inter-connecting door with Stage 2,3,6 and 7PDFCAD
The LotPDF

Dimensions are rounded to the nearest foot.

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  • 30-acre private campus
  • Eight sound stages, totaling approximately 155,000 square feet
  • Heavy load bearing trusses and grid system and catwalks
  • Over 250,000 square feet of support space: offices, dressing rooms, hair and make-up rooms, wardrobe rooms, mill shops, prop storage
  • Massive electric power throughout